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Mental Health Resources at your Uni

First year can be a very stressful period - new city, classmates, and roommates. Sometimes, this stress can be overwhelming, that’s why there are multiple resources for you at your university.

At My Lil’ Healthbot, we care about your physical and mental health so we’ve compiled a list of mental health resources available to students at each of our participating campuses (McMaster, UTM, UTSC, Laurier)! Look below for your university!

McMaster U

Click HERE for a link to the McMaster Mental Health Resources site

U of T Mississauga

Click HERE for Mental Health resources at UTM

U of T Scarborough (UTSC)

Click HERE for UTSC Mental Health Resources

Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU)

Click HERE for a link to Lauriers Mental Health & Wellness resources

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