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Self-Isolation isn’t Solitary Confinement

Updated: May 4, 2020

By: Scott Ho

Imagine this: a first-year university student in self-isolation with nothing to do other than sleeping excessively and baking at odd hours. That’s me. Even as a textbook introvert, being alone all the time has started draining my energy instead of replenishing it; a feeling shared by many. However, the problem lies with a common misinterpretation of the phrase: “self-isolation”. Despite popular belief, it does not have to be solitary confinement.

If careful and considerate for others, it’s completely acceptable to go outside for walks. Just be sure to stay two metres away from pedestrians, especially children or the elderly. In fact, I recommend going outside with a friend. As long as both of you keep some distance and wash your hands afterwards, you’re golden.

Though flattening the curve is important, mental health shouldn’t be thrown out the window. Treat yourself to a walk; you’ve earned it.

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