My Lil' HealthBot


Helps people live healthier lives.

Through more convenient, affordable health necessities, products and services.

Ever get a headache? Or suddenly get the sniffles? My Lil’ Healthbot is making it easier for you to get better. Say goodbye to the hassle of travelling to your nearest drug store or waiting for that delivery of Advil to come in. 


We are improving the accessibility of healthcare by providing a 24/7 convenient, affordable and fun way of purchasing everyday necessities. From your smartphone through our app, or directly from our HealthBot Robot Retailers®. 60+ of the most frequently purchased health necessities are available 24/7 - 365 . Meaning #BotRelief is always just a few taps away.

Our Family 


Tim Decker

Manager Campus Operations 

George Saad

Asst. Manager Campus Operations

Raj Vansiya 


Mo Owlia 

Campus Family Managers

Layemi Morgan 

Marketing Lead 

Madison Hirano
Niyah Chatman
Callum Torrance
Keshav Gambhir

Business Dev

Ruben Garcia 
Liam Dart 
Amanda Wu
Yan Yan Law
Dylan Kryskow
Taj Ford
Amani Walker
Joyce Ni

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