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Weed is Legal, what should you know

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Morning fam! If you're living in Canada. Today you woke up to marijuana officially being legal for recreational purposes. This is an exciting time because it means that if you choose to partake, no longer will you need to hide in an alleyway or doorstep.

However it's still important to understand the rules on where it can be consumed and especially what the rules on your campus are.

We've linked a great little interactive map from TheStar here

That should fill you in on the basics of where you can consume and where you can't.

Each university is different but the majority (including yours) will prohibit consuming on campus. We also spoke to a Dr. with 20 years of medical cannabis experience who suggests not consuming marijuana within 3 -4 hours of any class work or tests.

We hope this clears up things for you a bit, enjoy responsibly and let us know if you have any specific questions about this or other health & wellness topics you would like us to cover by dropping us a line

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