My Lil' HealthBot

Easier, Safer Access to Health & Personal Care Products for busy University Students


Currently 18.4 M North American university students live, work, and study >10 mins away from the closest drug store or retail alternative. My Lil' HealthBots bring the drug store to your students’ doorstep. We can help you create a safer, healthier and happier campus for your students.


Robot Retailing looks like a simple touchscreen vending machine but it’s really THE revolution in retail. Each HealthBot uses A.I. (artificial intelligence) to curate the product selection that’s available, on demand, 24/7-365 through your smartphone or at a HealthBot.


My Lil' HealthBot Robot Retailers sell 50+ of the most frequently purchased health & personal care products that are responsible for 90% of student trips to the local drugstore. Each HealthBot is intelligent, cashless & internet connected with a user interface similar to online shopping. 

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